Searching court judgments by tags is now available

You are now able to search our database of Malaysian court judgments using any of our 371 tag keywords. Each judgment is tag according to its relevant topics and legal terms.

Dedicated page for searching judgment by tags

We have created a dedicated page just for searching by tag. You can find the link to this page under the More Tools section in the judgment page.

Search by Tags button
Find for Search by Tags button.

How to search by tags?

Once you click on Search by Tags button, you will arrive to the search page where you see a slightly different version of the search bar.

As you type a few characters into the search bar, we will provide you with a list of suggested tags. If you have a physical keyboard, use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the list and hit ENTER. If you’re on your smartphone, just touch on the tag. Hit Enter again or click on the Search button to run the search.

Suggested tags as you type
Suggested tags as you type

Narrow down your search results with multiple tags

You can definitely narrow your search results using 2 or more tags. After you have entered the first keyword, type again to bring up the suggested list.

Search by multiple tags
Search by multiple tags

View the complete list of tags

For non-lawyers who are not familiar with which keywords to use when searching for the judgments, they can browse through our list of tags and choose the tag which they most interested in. Just click on the Tags button on the upper right corner of the page to view the complete list.